StepOut works at the intercept of science, people and markets

Step Out StepOut Ltd helps organisations address challenges of where to go and how to get there. We are a management consultancy working at the intersect of science & technology, people & organisations, and markets & the outside world.

Our values and approach are rooted in a respect for and commitment to science. We believe there is a real world out there including markets inhabited by people who must be dealt with on their own terms. We have a pragmatic approach to organisations, which we find are generally capable of delivering much more without too much messing about. We believe in the primacy of engaging the people who work there in the aspirations of the organisation, but recognise that processes, skills and structures are often just as significant as culture.

Our clients are mostly Directors. We work with them and their teams to design rational and deliverable strategies and to help them respond to market challenges, engage with their staff and release their organisations' innovative capabilities.

We have worked over many years in the public, private, charity and academic sectors, and have most experience in the fields of agriculture, health, food and fine chemicals.


ICR - Innovation Capability Review

ICR, an approach developed jointly with the UK Government, sets you this challenge: Tell us where you would like to be innovative, and we will tell you in detail, across your organisation, how well you are set up to achieve that.

Downloads and blog on the ICR page

This page is for those specialists that have undertaken StepOut's training course and are qualified to use the ICR methodology. If you are interested in learning more about StepOut's innovation management approach, go to the Innovation page. Contact for more details.